ChooseWhy Choose This Program?

Why Choose a 4+1 Program at Goucher?

Students in the master of arts can complete the degree in 15 months or 12 months while students in the master of arts in applied languages must complete the degree in 12 months. The 15-month option includes two summers at the Middlebury campus in Vermont and an academic year abroad in France or Spain. The accelerated 12-month program requires one summer at Middlebury and an academic year abroad. Local universities in Paris include the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, University Paris 3 Sorbonne-Nouvelle, Sorbonne-Université, and the University de Paris-Paris Diderot while, in Madrid, local universities include the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

LearnWhat Will You Learn?

What Will You Learn?

Goucher students majoring in French Transnational Studies or Spanish and earning their B.A. degree will have the opportunity to pursue one of four master’s degree at Middlebury College.

Master of Arts in French

Master of Arts in Applied Languages in French

Master of Arts in Spanish

Master of Arts in Applied Languages in Spanish

DoWhat Will You Do?

What Will You Do?

The master of arts in French offers specializations in literature; civilization, culture, and society; or pedagogy and linguistics. Students pursuing the master of arts in Spanish may select from literature, teaching methodology, or linguistics specializations. 

While studying abroad, the master of arts in applied languages in French and the master of arts in applied languages in Spanish both include hands-on internships combined with academic coursework in traditional subjects, interdisciplinary areas, and pre-professional disciplines. 


Learn more about Middlebury French faculty here and more about Middlebury Spanish faculty here.

Study Abroad

Depending on which degree option you pursue, you may choose to do one or two summers in Vermont followed by a year in France or Spain.

Opportunities & Internships

Internship Program

Students will complete an academically directed internship (a minimum of 130 hours) in their area of specialization. The internship enhances and strengthens foreign language skills, deepens social immersion in a foreign culture, and students gain in-depth experience within a foreign work environment specific to the chosen field which may lead to future career opportunities.

Internships will depend on the supervisors’ needs for the semester and the students’ skill set. Examples of internship placements may include NGOs, museums, galleries, and local schools.