There are no limits to Goucher's success stories. Our graduates leave here and go on to do great things in all different arenas. They pursue graduate studies, they participate in volunteer organizations, and they jumpstart their careers right after commencement. Visit this site often; we will add more stories of our successful graduates—there's no shortage.


Rebecca Bell '13

Communication and Media Studies

"Coming to Goucher and the U.S. allowed me to experience things I would never have had the opportunity to do!"

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Nick Boucher ’14

Environmental Studies: Environmental Science Concentration

“The Intensive Course Abroad (ICA) also gave me an experience that not a lot of people had. I felt very comfortable scuba diving for scientific purposes, not just pleasure. And because of that, I was able to get an internship at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.”

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Bill Condon '95

Communication & Media Studies

“I found that I was using my writing skills, people skills, building rapport—all things I learned at Goucher.”

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Alicia Copeland ’01


“I’m really happy to see where Goucher is going, where it once was, and where it is now. It makes me proud. So, when I do the hashtag, #goucherproud, I really mean it.”

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Billy Daly ’16


“Try everything, fail most of it, quit the rest, and then find that one thing (or two...or three) that really makes your heart pound and gets your adrenaline pumping.”

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Moe de La Viez ’19

Individualized Interdisciplinary Major

“I am so glad I majored in the IIM because it gave me a sense of owning my time at Goucher. It was cool to create my own path.”

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Dante Disparte '00

International Studies

For Dante Disparte, the phrase “public service” is redundant, for what is service if not for the common good? Dante learned this early.

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Alex Ebstein ’07

Studio Art

“Goucher was the place where I learned that your interests and your goals can take you anywhere.”

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Edna Ferreira ’18

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

“Goucher is a great place to learn about biology, chemistry, and math because you get to build a close personal relationship with your professors and classmates.”

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John Gasparine '01


“I met my wife at Goucher. I met my best friends at Goucher and have succeeded in business due to my relationships developed at Goucher.”

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Auni Gelles ’10

Sociology & Anthropology

“The community is something that makes Goucher shine: You get to know both students and faculty well, and that gives you a leg up when you’re going into the world to look for jobs.”

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Jackson Gilman-Forlini '12, M.A.H.P. '18

Historic Preservation

“My employer was looking for someone who studied historic preservation at the undergraduate level and there are few programs out there. Just by offering that program alone allowed me to be competitive in the job market.”

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Sam Glickstein '12

Biological Sciences

Some people like to go their own way. Some of these people might be building an animal feed startup, Meet Sam Glickstein.

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Jean Guerrero M.F.A. '15

M.F.A. Nonfiction

Alumna Jean Guerrero and her team won an Emmy for their reporting on the U.S.-Mexico border, focusing on the real and human impact of everything from existing barriers, policy, and the proposed wall by President Trump.

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Rachel Grosso ’18

Environmental Studies

“A large amount of my passion was fostered at Goucher because I was able to take a variety of classes, study abroad, and take in a variety of experiences”

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Camden Kimura ’12

Literary Studies

“Learning how to research very quickly was one of the most critical skills I learned in the English program that I apply to my job.”

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Kam Lamhaouar ’16


“The Chemistry Program prepared me for the school or work track, and I’m still in touch with professors now. It’s great to have that support system.”

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Sean McComb ’13

Professional Development Certificate Program

"It was really helpful to get their (Goucher professors) practical advice, along with the theoretical coursework we were working on."

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Leila Melendez '16


“Goucher students an alum they can reach out to, especially when they think something hasn’t been done before. The door is always open.”

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John Olszewski '04

American Studies

If anyone knows about tough decisions in Baltimore County, it’s County Executive John Olszewski Jr.

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Faith Pearson ’15

Business Management

“There are stepping stones that will get you where you need to be. Even the career I’m in now is not the final step, but I’ve asked myself: How can I use this to get my foot in the door to get me where I want to be?”

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Jess Phoenix ’19

M.F.A. in Nonfiction

Phoenix’ career has taken her from university classrooms to Death Valley in the summer, and on journeys around the world from reality television sites in Ecuadorian jungles to Andean glaciers.

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Sarah Pinsker '99


“I consider the music and fiction two sides of the same coin; it’s all storytelling.”

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Milena Rodban ’08

International Relations

“Goucher offers an interactive learning experience that allows students early on find their voice and give them the confidence to share their ideas, grow, and be a much more proactive participant in their education instead of a passive consumer.”

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Julie Segall ’09


“I loved rehearsing, and I loved performing even more. It was wonderful and exhilarating. It’s why I did it.”

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KerriAnne Sejour '15


“I am a 27-year-old Black woman of Caribbean descent. I am a mental health counselor. I am a doula. I am a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister. I believe in the power of a woman and what we can do.”

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Jamila Thompson ’01


"I wanted to be able to do everything that I wanted to do."

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Laura Tims ’14


“I decided that I wanted to be a writer when I was pretty young. I never really had any backup plan.”

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Todd Troester ’15

Environmental Studies: Environment & Society Concentration

“I like being on the ground floor of things and being a trailblazer.”

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Melissa Weiss ’09

Communication & Media Studies

It’s Monday, so Melissa Leah Weiss ’09 is at home. “I work at a show that airs Sunday night,” she explains, “and it’s live to tape, so we work weekends.”

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